Rates for all services (except initiations) are $125 an hour, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

We can speak by Skype, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp, or I can simply send you an email.


As an initiated HouganKimbisero and practitioner of both the Runes and the Tarot for many years, I am pleased to offer in-depth readings looking at all aspects of your life past, present and future to help you solve the problems you have.

Blessings & Prayers

If it is called for in your reading, I am pleased to do esoteric prayers and blessings as needed.


If it is called for in your reading, I am pleased initiate godchildren into Cuban Voodoo, Palo Mayombe or Italian Witchcraft (cost varies by location & supplies needed).

Santeria & Lucumi Odu & Ita interpretation

Using my extensive experience in Afro-Cuban religion as well as the authority conveyed by my initiation to the Ifa priesthood, I can give you an in-depth esoteric interpretation of the various signs and readings meant to mark your fate and destiny. Please note, however, that I am not initiating godchildren into Ifa at this time.

Magical Coaching

Do you have questions about Thelema, Gnosticism, Tantra, the African Traditional Religions or anything else? With decades of initiations into dozens of esoteric traditions and tribal religions all over the world, I am willing to speak frankly and answer any questions you may have about the decision to be involved in any these practices and what they entail.