(Also a spiritual teaching and a-moral story of wizardry and Siddhis, so you have to be very high minded and ethical when you make requests and be clear on what you want and the consequences)

In a cave, deep in the woods, once lived a Wiseman truly dedicated to His meditations and spiritual studies. He was also very generous in His will to help mankind. He was considered so wise, powerful and handsome, charming many people traveled even for days to see Him and talk to Him. He was so successful in what He did everybody liked Him instantly, trusted Him and was willing to be His friends, disciples or even lovers. Women loved Him so much to be able to sneak into His cave in the middle of the night. His greatest successes became also His biggest failures because He didn’t have anymore time for Himself, to do His spiritual workings. So, from being enlightened or very spiritually advanced He became tied again to the Wheel of Karma He worked so much to avoid. He then turned Himself into an ugly, potbellied, dirty, crazy individual with mesmerizing eyes, elongated ears. He became, He experienced what people asked Him, what people wanted to be or what they actually were. Things He never was. For love, for compassion, for duty. For merit.
Some believed Him to be a fully realized Buddha. Others believed Him to be a demon.
His power was and is undeniable.
He had the power to be invisible as well and the supernatural hability of mirroring people.
At His death He became even more popular, especially among men because He wanted Them to find realization and enlightening in the material world as well, to find a beloved woman, a good career, a good life.
He became a confident of Asuras (Demons), Devas (Angels) and many other Prais and Buddhas, fairies, mermaids and all kind of creatures.
That spirit name is PHRA NGANG.
He is considered a Casanova Spirit, a South Eastern Asian Tantric Spirit looking for Yoni Shaktis to get Spiritual Merit and achieve greater spiritual goals. A kind of Saint Sinner. He loves whiskey, women, cigars, food, jokes, sex, gambling. But with a good hearted side. A kind of good trickster. For fun, merit and enlightening, without bad karma or to cure it.

In the picture two buchas (statues) from Thailand of Phra Tong Ngang Duang Taa, the Most Venerable Golden Ngang with Red Eyes and Phrai Krasip (talking ghosts). Personal collection of South Asian Folklore.

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