Vishnu, the second manifestation term of the Trimurti, the maintaining power of Cosmic laws of equilibrium, had to fought an invincible enemy, a demon. Vishnu thus took an avatar, merging into the spirit of a devotee, to defeat the undefetable as a fierce protector to end religious persecution and calamities: Narasimha, the man-lion.
Narasimha is often depicted slaying an asura man with evil and greedy personality, called
Hiranyakashipu. Who gains special powers by which he could not be killed during the day or night, inside or outside, by any weapon, and by man or animal. That invincible demon persecuted even his own son for being a bakhta, a devotee of Vishnu.
NaraSimha or Man-Lion is the 4th avatar of Vishnu, a fierce protector.

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