Loa Bossú, a totemic Loa of Dahomey, a protector spirit, in an Haitian Temple painted in a very similar way as Lucifuge Rofocale.
Some French grimoires inspired practices and artists. Especially members of Haitian Secret Societies (please check prof. Wade Davis book for furher references on the topic of haitian sects).
Bossou and his family of spirits are Lwas Towos or Bull Gods. Toreau, Torí², Towo also spelled Togó is an Ogou, a fierce spirit, some correspondences may exist with Api the Sacred Bull of Egypt (Bat, Mnevis and all taurine deities) also with the sacred bull of Shiva in India, Nandi.
Bossú is a totemic spirit coming from old Dahomey, directly. From a sacred herd of humped cattles of the royal court.
Bossou has many powers. One of them is empowering the nodding gestures, giving additional emphasys and charme to head’s movements in non verbal communication; especially useful for sellers, merchants, businessman (technically a pwen chaud, the franco-haitian dark shaktis). Some consider Bossou also a Loa Petro or Loa Danger. Others a demon of the worst kind.

Source of the photo unknown

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