“Tarot’s Fool! where are you going?”

“Hell-0! Going to deal with the “reading responsability!”.

Every time you ask the Tarot there’s a responsability involved caressing, touching or shaking various planes, from the material to the spiritual. A simple spread is so complicated!
A burden, kept by the Fool, with the fees of the reading, your needs, expectations, fears and joy, secrets untold, intuitions, seeds for a bright future.
Within the Tarot le Fou, is the first ally and the first enemy. King and Beggar in disguise.
This Atu has so much to tell you my friend…

About Manuel Congo

A renowned Palero, Babalawo, Ajarn and Hougan, Manuel Congo lives in rural Italy, where he spends most of his free time touring on his custom Harley Davidson. An avid ethnographer and noted expert on Italian witchcraft, Manuel has spent decades working for elite clients around the world, conducting investigations in locales as far-flung as Togo and Thailand. He enjoys rainy days, BBQ and blondes.

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