The 12th day of December, the Virgin of Guadalupe celebrates Her day.
Originally a manifestation of the native Goddess Tonantzin, was later christanized and became known as Guadalupe, an avatar of the Holy Virgin Mary. I am not an expert of Nahuatl and pre-Colombian civilizations but what I know is pretty much that:
According to a legend, She manifested Herself to Juan Diego and his uncle, and they called the lady “Tlecuauhtlacupeuh”, saying “The Nahuatl understanding of ‘Tlecuauhtlacupeuh’ is La que viene volando de la luz como el águila de fuego (she who comes flying from the region of light like an eagle of fire). The region of light was the dwelling place of the Aztec gods, and the eagle was a sign from the gods. To the Spaniards, it sounded like ‘Guadalupe’ and reminded them of their Virgin at home in Extremadura region of Spain.
Others says that Lupe is a manifestation of the Serpent Goddess.
She is the Patroness of the Americas.
Her cult is immense and She bears several nicknames given by Her faithfuls, also depending upon their needs: Lupe, Lupita, Lupy, Morena, Morenita, Virgen Morena and several more. Many people says She
She is beloved by Catholics and so called Pagans.
May She bless us all

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