Pillars of light, prayers, anointing with sacred oils giving a shield of protection to a person that needs to collect her unpaid job, gain strength and self trust and feel surrounded by love in a nurturing way to have a life renewal, spiritual healing, new opportunities.
This person, my consultant, an extremely kind person, tricked and betrayed, in business, apparently with no reason.
Unfortunately, too often, good people are victims of unscrupulous predators interested more in the pain they create than in pursuing a good and ethical job life. Bad people exist and hurts good ones, an eternal battle between the opposites that only Divine Help may win.
So, hoping in Divine’s blessings, I have decided to help, to fix this situation with some good methods I am aware of.

Also, an extremely good paid job, so my moral is even better 🙂
Right client, right situation, excellent payment.
I love those situations indeed, who doesn’t?!
We all need money and love, sex, but only the way we get them qualify ourselves.

About Manuel Congo

A renowned Palero, Babalawo, Ajarn and Hougan, Manuel Congo lives in rural Italy, where he spends most of his free time touring on his custom Harley Davidson. An avid ethnographer and noted expert on Italian witchcraft, Manuel has spent decades working for elite clients around the world, conducting investigations in locales as far-flung as Togo and Thailand. He enjoys rainy days, BBQ and blondes.

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