The 2nd day of February is the Roman Catholic anniversary of Candelaria Virgin, a manifestation of the Holy Mary presenting Jesus to the Temple and purification.
Candela means fire.
This particular avatar of Our Lady comes from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. Aboriginal population, called Guanches, transculturated the Goddess Chaxiraxi, the Goddess sustaining the firmament. Some says, She is related to the Roman Goddess Juno and also Canopus, or Alfa Carinae, the most brilliant star after Sirius.
Due to the massive emigration of “Isleí±os” from Canaries Islands to Cuba, the devotion was brought to the new land.
Within the Afrocuban Religions of Bantu heritage She is transculturated with the Mpungu deity called Mariwanga in Quimbisa, Centella in Briyumba; ruling force of Cemeteries and tombs, stormy winds and whirlwinds as well. Remolino Viento Malo Centla Monte Oscuro Monte Espeso Ndumba Cuí±afenda, Lembaquento Soberana.
In Afrocuban religions of Yoruban lore, from modern day nation of Nigeria, She is seen as Oya Yanza, originally a river deity of Niger, lover and “partner in crime” of Shangó, the Thunder God, 4th King of Oyí².
Oya is related to wind, deads and cemetery gates, marketplace, also an Apetebi of Orunmila. A warrior Goddess and shapeshifter.

Black Madonnas have many secrets indeed…

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