Once, Bawon La Kwá, told me:
A library is the twin sister of a cemetery.
For this reason I love dancing and disco.
To get out from home and have fun.

Baron La Croix is an Haitian Loa of cemeteries.
He rules over graves. He is the souls judge among many other things.

Wise dark humor. But everything and everyone has a Guardian Angel. ¡Gro Bon Anje relé O!

About Manuel Congo

A renowned Palero, Babalawo, Ajarn and Hougan, Manuel Congo lives in rural Italy, where he spends most of his free time touring on his custom Harley Davidson. An avid ethnographer and noted expert on Italian witchcraft, Manuel has spent decades working for elite clients around the world, conducting investigations in locales as far-flung as Togo and Thailand. He enjoys rainy days, BBQ and blondes.

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