In the Naturalis Historia, volume XXXV, Pliny the Elder, writes about the drawning, made on wall, by a maiden about her lover’s profile. Her father, also, made a terracotta image, later kept at a Nimphaeum. Probably taken from lost works of Erodotus, the myth or one of them, was given to future generations about the origins of painting and drawning. Using a lamp and a shadow.
Art Historians and famous Painters like Fí¼ssli and many more likes to quote this story.
Western modern culture didn’t realize that this bride didn’t want to make just an image of her lover but was actually making a magickal ceremony using images.
It is unknown the exact purpose of this ceremony but the modus operandi and what her father also did later, is pretty clear, a magical eidolon, a fetch or a vodou doll like many call it today.
While Hermetic doctrines were taught in Universities when they were born, now, most of the reality, of what really happened is hidden, untold or taken as a mere superstition of primitives and pagans…
And, as painting was born from a lamp and darkness, may your Souls shine in True Light of the everlasting Wisdom and Teachings of Old Times…

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