Rúnatal or í“í°ins Rune Song, Rúnatáls-í¾áttr-í“í°ins (stanzas 138-146) is a section of the Hávamál where Odin reveals the origins of the runes. In stanzas 138 and 139, Odin describes his sacrifice of himself to himself:

Veit ec at ec hecc vindga meií°i a
netr allar ní­o,
geiri vndaí¾r oc gefinn Oí°ni,
sialfr sialfom mer,
a í¾eim meií¾i, er mangi veit, hvers hann af rótom renn.

I know that I hung on a windy tree
nine long nights,
wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree of which no man knows
from where its roots run.

Vií° hleifi mic seldo ne vií¾ hornigi,
nysta ec nií¾r,
nam ec vp rvnar,
opandi nam,
fell ec aptr í¾aí°an.

No bread did they give me nor a drink from a horn,
downwards I peered;
I took up the runes, screaming I took them,
then I fell back from there

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