Italian Sorcery, Witchcraft, Magic, whatever you wanna call it 🙂
Spell done using the Sibillas and other Witchy Things of the Tradition to clean a person from some heavy negativity vibes bringing good ones instead. Un cambio positivo e serenití .
The skull obviously represents the Ancestors but also Death, the Ultimate One, and the scissors to cut away some bad things/happenings/persons/energies, the blessed salt by a Priest to cast away evil and purify.
The Holy Sphynx with the Key Card of this Spell, to bring “Leggerezza” and the other cards on the right with Holy Water to refresh, bless and enhance good luck, fortune and happiness into this person’s life.
The white candle is from Monte Berico Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin Mary.
The bad picture is mine.
The good will all yours 🙂


About Manuel Congo

A renowned Palero, Babalawo, Ajarn and Hougan, Manuel Congo lives in rural Italy, where he spends most of his free time touring on his custom Harley Davidson. An avid ethnographer and noted expert on Italian witchcraft, Manuel has spent decades working for elite clients around the world, conducting investigations in locales as far-flung as Togo and Thailand. He enjoys rainy days, BBQ and blondes.

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