Madan Mo’, Death Lady, is the beautiful nickname that Mambo Silvia gives to the wife of the King of Death in Haitian Vodí¹, Baron Samedi.
She is always bored like a Queen and likes to talk with the Souls of the recently dead to hear about the latest news of the material plane. She is eager to know the gossips, the latest fashion, songs and everything connected to some gotha.
Madame Brijit likes to talk a lot, but She loves to listen even more.
Her Serviteurs need to tell Her a lot of things concerning the normal life and the lives of those pertaining to the Sosyeté.
She likes to play poker cards and gambling against bad luck for Her Serviteurs.
Madame Brijit has her own fetish that lives near the Kwa of Bawon.
Very few truly understand this Loa, the Haitian Persephone with a taste of hot Pomba Gira’s dirty features 🙂
She is sublime and wise, very powerful and noble but also quite vulgar sometimes because being so ancient, beautiful and wise She can do anything.
She is the Erzulie Phreda of the Deads, because when a beautiful Diva dies and become immortal, She will play with Her Soul forever like a Princess with Her favourite doll. She is death playing with Life. She was beautiful and magickal and went alive and alone into Darkness and Eternity to meet Her Husband, Soul Mate, She couldn’t find anywhere else…

Kwa Simbo Madan Mo

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