Five of Hearts Card

The hairstyle of the woman is of Spanish origins, a popular cut in the province of Como, Lake of Como, Lombardia Region, called “Sperada”. Lucia Mondella of Manzoni’s famous novel “I Promessi Sposi” had this traditional hairdress.
The numbers of the long hairpins indicated the years of the Bride.

The Promised Bride has the same dress colors of the person in the right, Her own brother.
The man on the left, the future Husband, il fidanzato, the boyfriend.

It means joy, family ties, engagement, the deep ties of two different families and clans, a public oath, the engagement declaration for public respect to avoid unwanted pretenders.

Reverse, this card mean betrayal, quarrels, insecurity, disappointment, worry, unfaithfulness, the collapse of a solid project for family reasons or related to the very close persons of the everyday life.

The card of the picture is a Giuseppe Beghi Sibilla deck of 1944.

The meaning is the popular, known among the practitioners, different from the ones published in books.

The head is an Italian Art Nouveau bronze of Mercury, early XXth sec.

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