In latin, greed would be translated with the word CUPIDITAS, from Cupid, the chubby, blindfolded, winged little terrorist also called Amore. He is a son of Venus for some, of Ares or Juppiter-Zeus. Others said He was born from Night and Day. Incredibly charming and beautiful.
For Orpheus he was born from Night and Wind, spawned from a silver egg with golden wings.
The poetess Sappho said He is bitter sweet, invincible.
Moscus, a greek Poet, says that Venus describes Him with non white skin but similar to fire, piercing eyesight and eyes of ember fires, sweet in eloquence, perfidiously intelligent, deceitful. His voice is like honey but gall intelligent.
Wild, seductive, never sincere, little but treacherous, conducer of cruel games.
Curly hairs and shameless. Little hands that strikes as far as the land of the deads, Acherontas. He rests upon hearts of men and women. Evil are His kisses, poison His lips. Run away if He tries to!
Deadly are His little bow and golden arrows.
Cupiditas is a young and absolute form of love, selfish like the one of a teenager.
Later, by Christians, it was considered a sin due to the total commitment.

Isn’t Love greedy?
What the Sibilla says about your love?

Here comes the golden words…

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