Thai Barang

  • Sanpatong, Chiang Mai, Waikroo ceremony.

    Sanpatong, Chiang Mai, Waikroo ceremony.

I became aware of Thai Cult of Shivaites in Bangkok a few years ago speaking with a mason and business man. He introduced me into the secret hobby of Asian millionaires: collecting amulets.

Then, in Sanpatong, near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand I rec
eived the Wai Kroo or transmission of the Lersi Hermits and Sak Yants from Ajarn Deng together with an Olorisha friend. All lineages pertains to the teachings of a mysterious Entity called Ruesi Po Gae Ta Fai, the teacher and first disciple of Buddha.

My knowledge of Magick helped me in having deep conversations with the Ajarn that was surprised I knew how to make some Entities, their so called ingredients. We had great time together and He gave me some very useful teachings. The language barrier was quite huge actually but still I was able to learn a lot.