Italian Witchcraft

Italian folk practice for evil eye diagnosis

Italian folk practice for evil eye diagnosis

I think it is time to tell people what italian witches really did and not those bullshits we see sold as Stregheria which has NOTHING to do with Italy at all.

Italian Witchcraft is based upon a sort of “empowerment” called LASCITO that can be translated as inheritance. Depending on the lineage and tradition and also the practice there are specifical days. Mostly the Christmas Eve during the Mass of midnight. Or from mother to child or before death. Without that it is said it won’t work.

I am a traditionalist and breaking the tradition is said that will bring bad luck and loose of the acquired powers. That specifical rite is quite simple BUT as all simple things it has its tricks. I would be glad to pass those things unto people of merit and willing to do good to help suffering mankind but there’s a rule to be respected and it should be done in person, face to face.

I am not an internet magician. I take those things seriously even to respect the memories of those that gave me that wonderful gifts, to keep their legacy alive in the iron age of materialism and atheism. We are the last Samurais and fuckin proud of that!