In my life I have been blessed to receive initiations and become a lineage holder for a various mystical traditions around the world. I will tell you a bit about them here:

Brazilian Kimbanda

Kimbanda was the tradition of my mother’s family in Brazil, and after seeing the Madonnas in her house, I saw that she also had a red goddess which I in time discovered was Pomba Gira. One thing lead to another […]

Cuban Voodoo

There’s a quite huge transculturation within Haitian Voudoo. Some sects have a very deep understanding of western esoteric traditions and created incredible links and comparisons, similarities. Bridges among worlds and cultures regardless of any ethnic prejudice. Some Makaya houses established […]

Italian folk practice for evil eye diagnosis

Italian Witchcraft

I think it is time to tell people what italian witches really did and not those bullshits we see sold as Stregheria which has NOTHING to do with Italy at all. Italian Witchcraft is based upon a sort of “empowerment” […]

Lenormand Oracle

This Oracle was used by Etteilla, Lenormand and other Rosicrucian Healers. It is said to have been originated in Ancient Egypt and then used mainly by Gipsies. At least this was the historical myth behind. It is not really historically […]

Nzambi Mpungo

Palo Kimbisa

As a Quimbisero of the Saint Christ of the Good Journey, I discovered with Congolese Cuban diaspora a modern Gnostic sect actually that fits perfectly with my ideals, spiritual Oaths to do good and helping mankind. For years I remained […]

Thai Barang

I became aware of Thai Cult of Shivaites in Bangkok a few years ago speaking with a mason and business man. He introduced me into the secret hobby of Asian millionaires: collecting amulets. Then, in Sanpatong, near Chiang Mai in […]